What is Sugar Scrub? Benefits and Side Effects

Sugar Scrub

Hello, my beauty-conscious people, girls as well as guys. Most girls are always searching for beauty products and searching for homemade things like some herbal beauty stuff. I’m going to write this article mainly on ‘sugar’ scrub. I think most beauty-conscious people know about scrubs. I’m going to write this article for the ease of you people. This article will cover almost all the answers to questions that you people have in your minds.

So before starting this article, let all of us know how sugar scrub makes your skin clear and smooth? And many more things to be discussed in this article. I hope this article helps you. Because I’m going to discuss the recommended usage of sugar scrubs, the benefits, the side effects, and everything regarding sugar scrub in this article. Do give it a read to find the solution to the problems you are struggling with. What is a sugar scrub?

Sugar scrub is a scrub for your face that is mainly used to make skin smoother and glowing. This Mask helps in peeling off the dead skin. Sugar scrub is made from sugar granules that help in making skin fresh and clear. The role of exfoliation in skincare is to reduce acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Regular scrubbing makes skin clear, so the use of serums and moisturizers works more efficiently. Some converted sugar scrubs can help reduce dull skin from other parts of the body. But these scrubs are not recommended for facial use because these scrubs are too harsh, and the skin of the face is too sensitive.

Potential Side Effects of Using a Sugar Scrub on Your Face:

As far are there are benefits of using something, there are also some side effects. So the side effects of using a sugar scrub on the face are as follows:

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Scratches
  • Wounds etc.

These are the side effects of using a face scrub, no matter what type of sugar scrub you bought from stores or made at home using refined sugar or brown sugar granules.

Safer Exfoliating Facial Scrubs:

The scrubs having small, soft particles for scrubbing are safer than those having hard granules. If you want to exfoliate your skin every week, try to use soft and small particles to scrub. As I always quote a sentence in all my articles that ‘excess of everything is bad,’ the same is the case for the skin. If you use many products on a daily or weekly basis, those products will open the pores of the skin, and your skin will become more sensitive, and you can have rashes on your skin that will look so bad.

So, instead of scrubs, try to use ingredients that are not having harsh particles. Or you can concern your skincare specialist to use alternatives to these scrubs.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs):

Alpha hydroxy acids have some acids in them, including citric, lactic, and glycolic acids. These acids help remove surface skin cells to improve the look and feel of the skin.

These acids have abrasive particles, product these acids remove dead skin cells. Most Aha serums are used for anti-aging concerns because they have anti-aging properties. AHAs may also benefit acne-prone skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs):

In my opinion, the best-known beta-hydroxy acid is salicylic acid. This beta-hydroxy acid can dissolve dead skin cells in the pores of the skin. Salicylic acid is the most commonly used in toners, cleansers, and lotions. Make sure you are using a single product having salicylic acid because the excessive use of salicylic acid can cause irritation and peeling on the skin.

Mechanical Exfoliates:

You can use mechanical exfoliates to enhance your daily facial cleanser, and this helps cleanse the skin, especially if you have oily skin.

Following are the examples that we can take here:

You have to include soft washcloths or cleansing brushes specially made with soft material and cannot harm your skin. You can use these (washcloths or brushes) for massage, so you apply these brushes in a circular shape instead of scrubbing. This will help you feel relax as well as make your skin clean and fresh. Do not forget to apply moisturizer to prevent your face from drying, no matter which exfoliates you choose. You have to do exfoliating one or two times a week, or if you do it more than one or two times a week, you may damage your skin.

Where You Can Use a Sugar Scrub:

Sugar Scrub

If you already have irritation on your skin, you can use sugar scrubs on your body because sugar scrubs are generally safe to use on the body. You can particularly use sugar scrubs for problems like:

  • Extremely dry skin
  • Rough patches of skin on the elbows
  • Rough patches of skin on knees
  • Rough patches of skin heels.

Sugar scrubs can also be used on your hands to help prevent dryness. Sugar scrubs have a rough texture of sugar crystals, so you have to avoid using sugar scrubs on any sensitive areas or areas with these conditions like irritation, wounds, and rashes. Because sugar scrubs can cause critical problems on the skin, irritation, wounds, or rashes, sugar scrubs available at stores or online have chemicals that can be harmful to your skin if you use them in excess amounts. After using scrubs, if you are facing any side effects must contact a dermatologist without waiting for the skin to damage more.

If you have some medical problems related to the skin, you must avoid using sugar scrubs. Problems include

  • Sensitive skin
  • Eczema
  • Any inflammatory skin problem

What is Homemade Sugar Scrub?

You can make sugar scrub at home. Using the following things, you can make sugar scrub at home without having any difficulty:

  • Take one cup of granulated sugar. It could be white or brown sugar, but it should be organic.
  • Take ½ cup of oil if the oil is coconut or olive; it will work great
  • Take one small glass Mason jar.
  • Mix all the ingredients and apply them to your skin.
  • Make sure to get the proper amount of ingredients to make a perfect scrub.

Are Sugar Scrubs Good for Your Skin?

You have to massage these granules into your skin to remove dead skin cells. But sugar scrubs have wild nature because of harsh granules of sugar, which makes them too harsh for the skin of the face. Small tears can be created in the skin and can cause damage, especially if you’re using them regularly.

How Often Should You Use a Sugar Scrub?

You can use sugar scrub once or twice a week.

Do not make a habit of using sugar scrubs daily. Sugar scrubs cannot be a part of your beauty routine. Excess use can irritate your skin, so try to use a sugar scrub no more than two or three times per week at most.

What Oil is The Best for Sugar Scrub?

You can use different oils for a sugar scrub. Some of them are as follows:

  • Olive oil
  • Grape-seed oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Virgin coconut oil

These oils are good choices for sugar scrubs. Cold-pressed, organic oils for sugar scrubs are also preferable whenever possible. For moisturizing skin, you can use Olive oil because olive oil is very moisturizing and if you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, try to use olive oil.

Does Sugar Scrub Lighten Skin?

Yes, sugar scrub helps lighten your skin. It can be the most effective ingredient when you are want to lighten your skin the ingredient that is helpful in lightening of skin are as follows:

The granules of sugar are helpful to exfoliate and cleanse skin because they open pores for moisture. Just mix it properly; the sugar can play a role to lighten and soften your skin after just a few trials.

How Long Can You Keep a Handmade Sugar Scrub?

You can keep the handmade sugar scrub for around 6 months. Generally, you can store a sugar scrub for 6 months. Just make sure the jar in which you are going to keep sugar scrub is air-tight as much as possible. This can be helpful to stave off the carrier oil that is going rancid. Once the oil has gone, the sugar scrub will smell differently, and you can smell that scrub.

Which is Better Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub?

According to the experts in beauty products, sugar scrubs are better than salt scrubs because sugar scrubs have smaller granules than salt, so that sugar scrubs can be best for sensitive skin. Salt cleans by and large more grating due to their more honed edges and can play out a superior occupation at streamlining the rough skin patches on the body.

How do You Make a Creamy Scrub?

You can make creamy sugar scrubs using organic coconut oil, especially if you are making for body sugar scrubs; it will make the sugar scrub creamy and easier to rub. Creamy sugar scrubs are a good option because of their smooth nature; your skin will feel silky smooth after using this scrub. You can use this scrub when you are showering. There are a lot of sugar scrubs; one of them is the vanilla-scented sugar scrub.

Vanilla scented sugar scrub:

You can make this scrub using the following ingredients:

  • You have to take ½ to 1 cup of cane sugar.
  • Take ½ cup almond or coconut oil.
  • Take 1 tsp vanilla extract.

Mix all these ingredients, and the creamy sugar scrub is ready to use.

Can Sugar Remove Dark Spots?

Yes, you can use sugar to remove dark spots. But right directions should be applied. Use sugar cubes instead of natural sugar and scrub lightly. Do it daily, and the dark spots will go away.

What are The Best Face Scrubs?

There are a lot of good sugar scrubs, including herbal and others sugar scrubs. Some good scrubs, according to dermatologists and facialists, are as follows:

What is Better: Face Mask or Scrub?

Sugar Scrub

If you are using a face scrub, your skin will be more sensitive to the ingredients in the face mask, which means that it will be more effective at treating the skin. So after you are done after cleansing or scrubbing, the pores will be clear, pores will also be unblocked, and will allow the active formula in your face mask to get deep into the epidermis.

Can I Use a Face Mask after the Scrub?

You can apply a mask after the scrub. After scrubbing, it’s essential to make your skin hydrated properly. Make sure that you have applied a moisturizer or used a mask for hydration of the skin. Hydrating your skin, a mask or moisturizer will protect your skin from external initiators by tightening the pores.

Do You Use a Face Mask or Scrub First?

You have to use scrub first. Because scrub will help your skin to be cleansed and smooth. Always use scrub first and mask after a scrub. If you are using a soft mask-like a clay mask or mud mask, you can apply these masks before scrubbing.

Can You Use a Scrub as a Mask?

You can use a scrub as a mask if you are using an exfoliating scrub on the face. This scrub will help clean from dead skin cells but keeping scrub for a longer time will not have a good effect on you.

How Many Times Should I Scrub My Face?

Choose a scrub that best suits your skin. As I have already said, excess of everything is bad. So, use it twice or thrice a week.

Is It Good To Use a Scrub Every Day?

Yes, you can use a scrub every day, depending on which scrub you are using. 

If you’re using cellulose- or jojoba-wax-based scrub, which is lenient, then you can use it daily if the scrub particles are soft and will not over-exfoliate. And if you’re using a walnut/apricot or dermabrasion-based scrub, then it is recommended to use it just once a week.

What is Sugar Body Scrub Used For?

Sugar body scrubs are a good option for exfoliating your skin. Because use of sugar scrub helps keep skin healthy by removing dead skin cells, removing dirt from the skin and excess oil as well as helps in blood circulation. One thing is glycolic acid that occurs naturally in sugar. This acid is helpful to cleanse the skin and also for removing dead skin cells.

Types of Sugar to Use for Sugar Body Scrubs:

Sugar Scrub

Three main types of sugar can be used for making sugar scrubs at home. My recommendation is to stick with pure cane sugar and keep brown sugar as your second option. It depends on the skin type, pure cane sugar is right for almost all skin types, but one more suggestion to you people is to try the different types to see what works best for your skin type.

Brown Sugar:

Brown sugar is a good choice for sensitive skin and facial scrubs because of its least abrasive property. As it is the softest and there are no sharp crystals in brown sugar, a brown sugar scrub can be used up to 4 times a week.

Pure Cane Sugar:

Pure cane sugar (simple white) is almost good for all skin types because pure sugar contains essential nutrients for the proper nourishment of the skin. You can use this sugar scrub twice or thrice a week.

Turbinado Sugar: 

Turbinado sugar (raw form) is naturally vulgar because it has large granules. This sugar is best for making great body scrub. The processing of this sugar is equal to unprocessed sugars, and it holds the essential minerals. Body scrubs made with this raw sugar (turbinado) can be used almost twice a week.


At the end of this article, I want to give you people’s advice about the usage of skin products. As we all know, the skin is the most sensitive organ of the body. And we have to take care of this organ the most. As far as we talk about skincare products, there are countless skin care products present today. And different people have different concepts about the usage of skincare products. I’m not going to misguide you.

I think people do not use the products someone is using and recommends you based on their experience. Your skin and their skin are different, so is the need for skincare products. First, try to use herbal products. Because if herbal products do not give you benefits, they will also don’t harm your skin.

Use everything in moderation. Do not think if you will overuse any product for skin whitening; you will get brighter skin. No, your skin will get damage because there are layers present on your skin that get damaged by the excessive use of chemicals, so just use everything in moderation. Try to use herbal products.

My experience of using aha and BHA serums from ordinary is just awesome. You people can also buy serums that can fit perfectly on your skin from ordinary. Its online shopping platform. You can order serums of your choice from there. Use sugar scrubs as per recommendation. If your skin gets rash or you feel irritated after using any skin care product, including scrubs, masks, or serum, consult a dermatologist to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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