Top 10 Best Weight Loss Liquids- Most Affordable and Proven

Best Weight Loss Liquid

It may seem that weight loss is easy, but attaining a perfect shape is a distant dream for many of us. Losing the stubborn flab is no less than a challenge for most people. Juicing and consuming weight loss drinks for losing weight is not a new concept and is used to speed up weight loss and is also a great way to add up a variety of minerals and vitamins in the body. Let’s find out: What are the top 10 best weight loss liquids?

The top 10 best weight loss liquids can be included in teas, fruits and vegetable juices, and other detox water drinks.

  • Green tea, coffee, turmeric, and black tea are the best options from the tea portion.
  • Carrot, vegetable, and pineapple juice are the best options from the fruits and vegetable drinks.
  • Lemon water and coriander seeds water are also excellent options for weight loss and can be consumed for this purpose.
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The Tea Group as Weight Loss Liquids:

Along with the active lifestyle and cutting out calories and carbohydrates from the diet for weight loss, certain beverages like green tea, black tea, coffee, ginger tea, and turmeric tea also prove effective in promoting weight loss. Along with this, they are also a rich source of antioxidants and micronutrients, providing other health benefits alongside.

1. Green Tea:

Green tea is one of the best and most highly beneficial drinks consumed highly by people for weight loss purposes. Loaded with antioxidants and powerful nutrients, green tea has shown excellent results in decreasing weight and body fat.

Nutrients in Green Tea:

  • Green tea is loaded with various antioxidants, polyphenols and nutrients, making it one of the healthiest and best drinks, having zero calories.
  • Green tea is loaded with polyphenols which are natural compounds helping to reduce the inflammation of the body.
  • Green tea contains catechins called epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. These compounds help to prevent cell damage in the body and also helps to burn fat.
  • These compounds make green tea a kind of medicinal drink providing excellent health benefits.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Green Tea and Weight Loss:

Green tea has been proved as a drink that can boost the metabolism of the body and helps to reduce fat from the abdominal region when followed by an active lifestyle.

Studies have proved that green tea has shown a significant decrease in body fat percentage, body weight and belly fat, and waist circumference reduction.

Green Tea and Fat Burning:

Green tea is a fat-burning supplement and helps to increase fat burning by boosting the metabolic rate. A study proved that green tea increases the chances of calories burning by 4% and increases fat oxidation by 17%.

Nutrition Facts of Green Tea:

Serving Size 473g
Calories                                                                     0
                                                                                     % Daily Value
Total Fat    0g                                                         0%
Saturated fat   0g                                                      0%
Cholesterol      0mg                                                   0%
Sodium             33.1mg                                              1%
Total carbohydrate   0g                                             0%
Dietary fiber               0g                                              0%
Protein                        0g                                            0%
Vitamin C                    0mg                                         0%
Iron                              0mg                                          0%
Calcium                       4.7mg                                      0%
Potassium                   89.9mg                                    2%
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Types of Green Tea:

There are various sorts of green tea infused with refreshing flavors, which enhances the work of green tea.

  • Mint green tea provides restorative powers, which can help to boost energy levels and aids in improving digestion. Mint, along with green tea, stimulates digestive enzymes, which help absorb the nutrients from food much better and increase the metabolism to aid weight loss.
  • Matcha green tea provides a rich herbaceous flavor to tea and helps to boost the concentration levels, and induces calmness. Matcha is extremely low in calories and, when combined with green tea, produces a potent weight loss drink and helps keep the body hydrated.
  • Jasmine green tea provides a delicate flavor to tea and is packed with many antioxidants which fight radical activity and inflammation.

Recommendations for Green Tea:

Consuming three to five cups of green tea per day is optimal for health. Very high doses might cause problems, so consuming green tea within this amount is beneficial.

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2. Coffee:

Coffee is a drink consumed by most people worldwide to boost energy levels and lift their moods. It is also packed with a variety of ingredients helping to lose weight and is low in calories.

Nutrients in Coffee:

  • Coffee is loaded with caffeine which is known to increase metabolism and promote fat burning. Moreover, coffee reduces energy intake and boosts metabolism, which aids in losing weight.
  • Coffee is a fat-burning supplement and aid fat burning by boosting the metabolic rate, and studies have shown that daily caffeine intake increases the fat burning to 10% in obese people and up to 29% in lean people.
  • Coffee is loaded with riboflavin, pantothenic acid, magnesium, potassium and niacin, which provides the recommended daily intake of such nutrients.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts of Coffee:

Serving size Per 100g
Calories                                                              0
                                                                            % Daily Value
Total Fat        0g                                                0%
Saturated fat      0g                                          0%
Cholesterol         0mg                                       0%
Sodium                2mg                                       0%
Potassium           49mg                                     1%
Total carbohydrate    0g                                  0%
Protein                0.1g                                        0%
Caffeine               40mg                                   

Types of Coffee:

  • Black coffee is made up of plain ground coffee beans, and without any addition of milk, or sugar it provides zero calories thus, helping in weight loss.
  • Decaf coffee is made up of decaffeinated beans from which the caffeine has been removed.
  • Espresso coffee is made up of finely ground coffee beans and is brewed with a higher grounds-to-water ratio. It is a more concentrated liquid and is thicker, having a bold flavor.
  • Latte coffee is made up of 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, and due to milk, it is rich in calories but not helpful in weight loss.

Recommendations for Coffee:

FDA has declared that consumption of 400 milligrams per day of coffee is not dangerous for health which is equal to four to 5 cups of coffee. Consumption more than this will produce negative effects making a person addicted.

3. Black Tea:

Black tea is a type of tea that has undergone oxidation in more quantity than other teas. That is why it produces a stronger and darker color and flavor.

Nutrients in Black Tea:

  • Black tea is rich in polyphenols which contain antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation in the body and aids in weight loss. These polyphenols also promote weight loss by breaking down the fat and reducing calorie intake.
  • Black tea is high in flavones and flavonoids, which are the components helping reduce weight and maintain a normal BMI and waist circumference.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts of Black Tea:

Serving size Per 100 grams
Calories                                           1
                                                          % Daily Value
Total Fat              0g                        0%
Saturated Fat     0g                         0%
Cholesterol         0mg                     0%
Sodium                3mg                      0%
Potassium           37mg                   1%
Total carbohydrate    0.3g          0%
Protein                        0g           0%
Caffeine                     20mg       

Types of Black Tea:

  • Asam black tea is boldly fragrant but is not an overpowering drink grown in India. It may seem that this tea has tannic qualities and is astringent, but its rich taste of malt makes it a popular drink.
  • Darjeeling black tea is known as the champagne of black tea, and its origin is from India. It is the freshest and fragrant tea and is also consumed highly worldwide.
  • Chai Kee Mun is grown in China and further contains four tyes naming Kee Mun, Maco Feng, Hao Ya, Xin Ya and Gong Fu. It is known for its variety of flavors and bright wine-like colors.
  • Kenyan Black Tea is grown in Kenya. This tea is also famous worldwide and is a robust and full-bodied tea and holds the intense flavors of citrus, anise, cardamom and chocolate.

Recommendations for Black Tea:

It is recommended not to consume more than two cups of black tea per day, which provides almost 200mg of caffeine.

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4. Turmeric Tea:

Turmeric tea is one of the best tea consumed for effective weight loss along with belly fat burning. It is a tea that is also good for the digestive system and possesses anti-inflammatory compounds controlling cell proliferation.

Nutrients in Turmeric Tea:

  • Turmeric tea contains the active compound curcumin, known as a fat burner and is explicitly needed for weight loss.
  • Turmeric tea also helps in weight loss by regulating blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance.
  • The anti-inflammatory compounds of turmeric tea help in suppressing fat cell proliferation.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts in Turmeric Tea:

Serving size 1 cup
Calories              29
Protein               0.91g
Fat                       0.31g
Carbohydrates        6.31g
Fiber                        2.1g
Sugar                       0.3g

Types of Turmeric Tea:

Turmeric tea is often infused with healthy fat burners and stimulators, which help in weight loss.

Turmeric Tea with Ginger:

This combination of tea is effective and acts as a natural appetite suppressant. This tea has proven effects in controlling hunger, thus lowering food consumption and helps in weight management. It also helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels in a stable state and helps to lose weight.

Turmeric Tea with Mint:

This combination of tea is a refreshing drink, and I slow in calories but high in fiber content. This further helps to satisfy the hunger hormone because fiber provides satiety and a feeling of fullness to the body. This tea also helps cure indigestion and stimulates digestive enzymes, which turn fat of the body into energy.

Turmeric Tea with Honey:

The combination of turmeric tea with honey is known to suppress appetite and possess anti-inflammatory properties helping to lose weight.

Recommendations for Turmeric Tea:

The safe amount of consuming turmeric powder in tea or drinks is about 400 to 600mg for adults. Consuming larger doses of turmeric will produce adverse effects on health.

Fruits and Vegetable Group as Weight Loss Drinks:

Fruits and vegetables are also a good source that can help lose weight effectively without worrying about gaining weight back. When consumed in raw form with skin, fruits and vegetables are packed with a lot of fiber content, and in the juice form, lots of nutrients are consumed in the body.

5. Pineapple Juice:

Pineapple juice is known to create wonders for belly fat. This juice helps to metabolize the proteins and burns away the excess fat. Its fruity taste provides satisfaction to taste buds. It is a catabolic juice and helps the human body spend more calories to burn instead of calories.

Nutrients in Pineapple Juice:

  • Pineapple juice contains an enzyme called bromelain, which helps to metabolize the protein and helps to burn away excess fat from the stomach. This enzyme also works with the lipase enzyme, which digests the fats and suppresses the appetite.
  • Pineapple also contains beta carotene, which helps in controlling cancerous cell production and reduces cell oxidation.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts of Pineapple Juice:

Serving Size Per 100g
Calories                                    60
                                                  % Daily Value
Total fat                  0.1g                0%
Saturated fat          0g                  0%
Cholesterol             0mg               0%
Sodium                    1mg                0%
Potassium               124mg            3%
Total carbohydrate     16g              5%
Protein                     0.5g
Sugar                        14g


Pineapple juice is high in carbohydrates and sugars; thus, its larger quantities can aid in weight gain too. Moreover, higher amounts of the enzyme bromelain can cause rashes, vomiting and diarrhea and interfere with various drugs such as antibiotics, blood thinners, antidepressants and anticonvulsants.

People facing latex allergy might be allergic to pineapple, and symptoms including swelling, sore throat, stomach cramps, wheezing, and my eyes may be seen in them.

6. Carrot Juice:

Carrot juice is also a healthy and refreshing drink and is suitable for weight loss promotion. It is full of nutrients like Vitamin A and beta carotenes which aid in weight loss and are suitable for eye health. This is a beautiful detox drink and helps to flush out toxins from the drink.

Nutrients in Carrot Juice:

  • Carrot juice is enriched with beta-carotene and vitamin A. They help increase the bile secretion from the body, which further helps burn fat and aids in weight loss.
  • Combining the carrot with orange, apple, and some ginger makes it an excellent detox drink, flushing toxins from the body and reducing inflammation, thus reducing weight and body fat.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts of Carrot Juice:

Serving Size 100g
Calories                39
                                      % Daily Value
Total fat         0.2g              0%
Saturated fat       0g           0%
Cholesterol          0mg        0%
Sodium                 66mg      2%
Potassium            292mg    8%
Total carbohydrates    9g    3%
Dietary fiber                0.8g     3%

Other Potential Benefits of Carrot Juice:

  • Alongside managing body weight, carrots are also suitable for eye health. The carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin present in carrot juice help protect the lens and retina and block the blue light absorption. Moreover, carrots also support overall eye health and protect the ultraviolet light from reaching the eye.
  • Carrots also lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases and contain Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to control and regulate blood pressure levels and lowers atherosclerosis and heart diseases.
  • Carrot juice has also shown potential benefits to leukemia cells. Carrot juice extracts have shown a powerful effect on the leukemia cell by making them in a state of self-destruction and stopped their cell cycle.


People having weak immune systems, such as pregnant women, patients of cancer treatment, young children, and older adults, should avoid foods that might have a chance of preventing food-borne illnesses, such as carrots.

Excessive consumption of beta-carotene in the form of carrot juice might result in the symptoms of carotenemia in which the skin turns yellow or orange.

7. Vegetable Juice:

Vegetable juice is one of the healthiest options to consume for weight loss. Fruit juices are high in sugar, but vegetables are zero in sugar content, and calories thus make the best choice for weight loss and management.

Nutrients in Vegetable Juice:

  • Vegetable juice intake increases vegetable consumption and decreases carb intake. These two factors are significant for weight loss.
  • It may seem that the fiber content of the vegetables is lost during the juicing process. Fiber is essential for the body, especially for weight loss, as it provides bulk in stool and aids digestion removing the toxins and sloughs off dead cells from the body in the stool. But during juicing, the fibrous content of the vegetable is removed. In this situation, consuming low-carb juice is the best choice for health which incorporates weight loss.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts of Vegetable Juice:

Serving Size Per 100g
Calories                     29
                                             % Daily Value
Total fat                    0g          0%
Saturated fat           0g          0%
Cholesterol              0mg      0%
Sodium                     21mg     0%
Potassium                19mg      0%
Total carbohydrate    7g         2%
Protein                      0g           0%
Dietary fiber               0g
Sugar                         2.1g

Types of Vegetable Juice:

A person can prepare vegetable juice by using different sorts of vegetables. Each type of juice has its properties for health.

  • Bitter gourd juice is an excellent source for reducing fat and body weight. It stimulates the liver to secrete the bile acids, which are used to metabolize the fat. This juice is very low in calories and contains only 17 calories per 100 grams.
  • Cucumber juice is high in water content and is low in calories. It is a vegetable that helps burn more calories upon its consumption rather than adding calories to the body. It is also high in fiber content and makes a person feels fuller for a longer time.
  • Cabbage juice also aids in losing weight. It forms a gel-like mass in the body, which promotes digestion and slows gastric emptying. This delayed gastric emptying prevents the person from binge eating. It relieves the problems of bloating and indigestion and helps in eliminating the wastes from the body.

8. Lemon Water:

Lemon water is also one of the excellent options for controlling weight and help in burning fat of the body. It is loaded with antioxidants and fat burners, which help in reducing inflammation and manages weight.

Nutrients in Lemon Water:

  • Lemon water contains lemon juice which is the main ingredient, and lemon is full of vitamins, minerals, and many plant compounds.
  • Lemon contains citric acid, organic acid, helps prevent kidney stones, and aids in burning side fats.
  • Hesperidin present in lemon is an antioxidant that helps to strengthen the blood vessels and prevents fatty deposits from building up in arteries.
  • Vitamin C found in lemons is essential for the immune system and helps to manage skin health.
  • The polyphenol antioxidants in the lemons help reduce weight, and research has shown that weight gain is reduced significantly. Antioxidant compounds help to offset the adverse effects on blood glucose levels and improve insulin resistance. Which further helps in managing weight.
Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts in Lemon Water:

Serving Size Per 100 grams
Calories      29
Water        89%
Carbohydrates       9.3g
Sugar                       2.5g
Fiber                        2.8g
Fat                           0.3g

Other Potential Health Benefits:

  • Lemon water is rich in simple sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose and is high in fiber content such as pectin. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Lemon juice also prevents kidney stone formation by increasing the urine volume and urine ph. It creates a less favorable environment for kidney stone formation.
  • Lemon juice helps prevent anemia and contains vitamin C and citric acid, which helps absorb non-heme iron.
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants in lemon juice are heart-healthy and help lower cholesterol in the body, which helps maintain the heart’s health and prevents certain heart diseases.

Recommendations for Lemon Water:

Consuming one to two glasses of water a day is recommended daily.  

9. Coriander Seed Water:

Coriander seed water has also shown miracles in weight loss and provides ample energy, which helps stay active and fit. It is loaded with a lot of nutrients and helps to solve several health issues.

Nutrients in Coriander Seed Water:

Coriander seed water is loaded with a wide range of minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, and folic acid. It is also loaded with ample amounts of vitamins such as vitamin A, K, and C. It helps treat digestive symptoms like bloating and discomfort as faced by people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Treating the underlying causes of the digestive system helps in reducing weight.

Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition Facts of Coriander Seed Water:

Serving size Per 100 grams
Calories              0
                                  % Daily Value
Dietary fiber           2.8g         10%
Sugar                       0.9g          –
Protein                    2.1g          4%
Calcium                   67mg        5%
Magnesium                             8.2%
Vitamin C                                 3.5%
Manganese                              9.5%
Selenium                                  3.7%
Potassium                                3.6%
Iron                                           9.1%

Other Potential Benefits:

Coriander seeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals are have shown effective results in managing diabetes and reducing blood sugar levels. It is known to manage the elevated sugar levels in the body, which further reduces weight.

Coriander seeds are packed with powerful antioxidants and help in reducing inflammation in the body. They suppress the free radical production and stops the growth of cancerous cells. Inflammation is controlled in this way, and it also burns the excess fat.

Recommendations of Coriander Seeds:

Drinking one glass of coriander seeds water in the morning acts as a detox for the body and helps maintain gut health.

10. Carom Seed Water:

Carom seeds, commonly called ajwain, are the best seeds in Ayurvedic practices in treating excess weight and ulcers. The digestive problems and ulcers lead to an increase in weight and bloating. Ajwain or carom seed water helps in treating these issues.

Best Weight Loss Liquid

Nutrition in Carom Seeds Water:

Carom seeds consumed with water might give a bitter and spicy taste, but they are incredible sources of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. They have been proven as miracle seeds in treating ulcers.

They are loaded with fiber in larger quantities which add bulk to stool and ease digestive problems by flushing toxins from the body.

Toxins are responsible for causing inflammation and bloating in the body, which leads to excessive and sudden weight gain.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving size Per 100 gram
Calories               5
Protein                8.8g
Fats                     0.6g
Fiber                   1.1g
Minerals             7.8% of RDA

Other Potential Benefits:

Carom seeds, when consumed with water, have shown beneficial effects in reducing inflammation from the body. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of free radical production and leads to various chronic diseases.

It is known that the carom seeds water to lower the enzyme production, which enhances the inflammation in the body.

Carom seed water has also proven benefits in treating ulcers and indigestion. Bloating and other digestive disorders cause an increase in weight. Carom seeds being the rich source of fiber helps in treating digestive problems and accelerates the passing of food. It also helps in treating gas and discomfort created in the upper part of the stomach.

Recommendations for Carom Seeds:

It is recommended that drinking one glass of carom seed water early morning helps in treating indigestion. But, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not consume these seeds as they could lead to miscarriage too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which drink is known to burn the most of the fat from the body?

Green tea is one of the best drinks which can help in burning fat from the body. It unlocks the fat cells and releases fat into energy by using antioxidative powers and catechins.

Which juice is regarded as the best one for weight loss?

Juices extracted from vegetables such as celery, green vegetables, and bitter gourd and fruits such as pomegranate, carrot, and beetroot are the best options for weight loss.

Which drink melts the belly fat?

Green tea is known to show effective results in burning belly fat as it is loaded with antioxidants which can help shrink the belly.

Can a person lose weight overnight?

No, weight loss requires a strategic plan and consistency. If a specific diet is followed and a daily workout plan, it can reduce weight faster than usual.

How can a person flatten the belly?

A person can reduce belly fat by following a specific calorie-controlled diet in which probiotics and fiber must be present. Moreover, doing cardio exercises and limiting the refined carbohydrate intake helps reduce belly fat in lesser time.

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