Snake Diet – A Detailed Study: Its Benefits and Work Principle

Snake Diet

Have you ever come to know about the snake diet? It was discovered by a fitness coach named Cole Robin. So If you heard of this diet, you would have wondered if this is a diet in which you have to eat snakes along with snake juice or if you have to follow the diet of the snakes ( imagining yourself eating those insects or the slugs). As you are spooked, Let’s take it easy and move forward. So, first things first:

What is a snake diet?

So a big no, the Snake diet is not that you have to eat what a snake eats. It is a lifestyle or an organized fasting pattern with timed detox, a specific fasting period, and ultimately the reward phase of nurture.

According to Robinson, the person on the weight loss mission has to follow the eating patterns of a snake. That is, if you are on a snake diet, you are allowed to have only one meal a day, A big Fat meal, and you have to strive for the rest of the day or maybe for two days or maybe for several days.

In a television program, the founder Robinson argued with a group of medical specialists, as he screamed in the camera, “ You don’t need to eat If you’re fat. Only Drink water with salt. There is no need to eat as fat people have more calories than they can use for many days or weeks.

Robinson also claimed that if someone has cancer, their cancer can be cured by following a snake diet. He said one of his clients has tumors in the brain; following a strict fasting pattern; her tumor was dissolved. He said, “he does not need a medical degree to know that a tumor can be dissolved.”A plastic surgeon, Andrew Paul, tells him that he didn’t dissolve that tumor as it will go against science.

Now let’s take this discussion further and know a little more about the claims regarding snake diet:

How Does the Snake Diet Work?

When you start following this diet, for the next two days, i.e., 48 hours you have to fast you can’t eat anything but have a drink called Snake Juice, yes that sounds odd, but it’s just a mixture of sea salt, water, and potassium chloride. This is an electrolytic drink; its purpose is to recharge the electrolytes present in your body.

After two days of fasting, you have to start your diet that focuses on high fat and low carb meals like many veggies, a small portion of meat, and healthy fats like olive oil.

The ratio should be 4:1 veggies to meat + fat ratio.

So basically, this diet aims to activate ketosisDoes this word jog your memory? 

Yes, most of you know about it as it is the fat-burning process related to the keto diet. When a person is on a keto diet, his/her body starts depending on ketones (from fats) as a primary source of fuel other than glucose from the carbs.

Another important thing in this diet is to complete a 72 hours snake juice fast as soon as possible to break any fear of extended fasting. A urine test is also advocated to check the ketones level in your urine. Any specific kind of food is unnecessary after you restart your eating; it’s just that you have to eat healthily and stay consistent.

If you are not losing weight, extend your fasting period and eat less. But in my opinion, this thing is freaking insane, but the rest is up to you guys. If you are good, then go for it. 

Snake juice Recipe by Robinson:

Nowadays, snake juice is being sold on amazon and other websites in the form of sachets. You have to take three sachets per day. We researched and recommend the following for your use:

Although you can easily make this drink or say juice. According to

Robinson’s recipe for snake juice is:

Snake juiceIngredientsQuantity
  Sodium  2000mg/L H2O
Pink salt  ~1 tbsp.
Potassium  4700mg/day max
Lemon juice  8 tbsp. per day
Apple cider vinegar  2 tbsp. with no salt per day

Sodium: This is the starting point for this. You have to take 2000mg/L sodium in water. Do not exceed the limit as it is the maximum intake limit per day.

  • Pink salt:

You have to take 1 tbsp of pink salt per day in the water. You can buy pink salt from any departmental store or any online store like amazon. There is a label for ingredients and their quantity on every bottle of salt. Just check the amount of sodium and consume as per recommended daily allowance.

  • Potassium:

The next comes potassium. You can take 4700mgl a day. This 4700mg/ day is the recommended daily allowance. So you have to consume as per recommended daily allowance. Do not exceed the limit.

  • Lemon juice:

Next is the lemon juice that you can get in 8 TBS of it per day. You can go a little less or more it will be fine. Lemon juice helps you to clean your kidneys as it helps in increasing your urine citrate and help in the reduction of kidney stones.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Next comes apple cider vinegar with mother. That means organic if it’s not organic; believe me, it’s total trash. It will not give you the same results as that of an organic one. So be careful while you purchase it. So the daily consumption of ACV that is allowed during this diet is 4 TBS a day. It‘ll help you with your stomach, helps in mobilizing calcium, and is good in keeping your blood sugar levels normal.


In the end, we are going to talk about water. Water is one of the most important components of snake juice. So basically, when you start mixing up the snake juice, your water source must have a pH of greater than seven. If you have no idea about pH, the amount of hydrogen+ ions, i.e., how acidic it is.

And the second thing is the alkalinity that is important for the water in snake juice. Alkalinity is the ability of water to buffer acid, i.e., the number of dissolved solids in water. So the alkalinity must be around 120 ppm (parts per million).

           PH > 7 , Alkalinity > 120 ppm

Does the Snake Diet Effective for Weight Loss?

Snake Diet

The question here is that is the snake diet effective for weight loss? Does it work? So, the answer here is yes! This diet can aid in weight loss; you can lose pounds and inches and all that extra fat you want to shed. But, the question here is, for how long can you keep yourself motivated for such a restrictive diet? Who will assure you that you will not get back those extra pounds as you stop following this diet?

This is pretty possible to get those pounds back when you return to your normal life. We all know these kinds of diets that initially help us lose weight, but when we leave these diets, we only have a disturbed metabolism, unhealthy skin, and it’s really easy to put on weight once again. And many people cannot sustain this kind of restrictive diet.

Just imagine you have to eat a big meal once a day and have to strive for the rest of the day or say days. Don’t you think these kinds of big fat meals will lead you to binge eating?

So putting it all in a nutshell, you can lose weight by the snake diet because fasting and restricted calories will help burn fat, but it would have severe side effects that will lead you to an unhealthy life.

Is the Snake Diet Safe with Any Benefit?

If you ask me for an answer to this question, it would be a big Nooo. This diet can never be safe at any cost. A snake diet is a FAD diet that will put your body in a state of ketosis. You‘ll lose weight rapidly because, on ketosis, your body will start getting energy from stored fats instead of carbs from glucose.

An estimated weight loss rate by snake diet is 2 pounds i.e. 0.9 Kg per day for the very first week and by the third week, you will lose 0.7 pounds i.e. 0.3 Kg per day that is massive, rapid and most of all dangerous.  According to CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the range of 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 0.9 kg) per week is considered safe.

According to Robinson, The founder, snake diet will help people cure Type II Diabetes and any inflammation. But If you ask me, I’ll suggest you stay away from these kinds of lame statements. Yes, you read it right; these are only statements to fool people and have nothing to do with reality.

How can anyone claim to cure Diabetes Type II (Diabetes mellitus), which is a metabolic disease, by making people go through such a process that will disturb your metabolism to damage beyond the point of repair? Yes, we can say the risk of diabetes can be reduced by losing weight, but it can never be cured permanently, at least till now.

 We know our body always needs the nutrients we get from food like vitamins and proteins. Our body is unable to make these itself. When we are on dry fasting, i.e., nothing to eat, nothing to drink, we cannot get these nutrients. Ultimately, we face nutritional deficiencies that may lead to severe health problems.

So, I will advise you all to choose a better and reliable way of losing weight instead of this health-degrading shortcut to weight loss. It not only affects physical health but your mental health; as we know, hunger pangs and starvation lead to mood swings, severe headaches, and you can also feel lightheaded, which is dangerous.

It may also cause disturbance of the digestive system due to lack of consumption of the recommended amount of fibers per day, i.e., 25 to 35 grams a day. Eventually, it will disturb your stomach and may lead to constipation that can sometimes be severe. So far, I have not found any benefit of the Snake diet as it is a severe kind of dry or restricted diet that has no benefits.

In a 2016 YouTube Video, Robinson portrays the advantages of his Snake Diet as follows, “Hello, greasy! I’m going to clarify why there could be no other eating regimen out there that resembles my snake diet. The primary focal point of my snake diet is fasting. Fasting resembles a sacred goal. It speeds up your digestion.”

Get Details Here: Snake Diet – Everything You Want To Know : Benefits And Effects

Following are some benefits of the snake diet:

Improved Immune Function:

Individuals say a snake diet reinforces the body’s resistant framework. The thought is that fasting “resets” the insusceptible framework by eliminating dead cells, allowing the body to imitate new ones. Furthermore, there’s proof that limiting calories (however not water) further develop aggravation, ensuring the resistant framework. It’s the idea that full-calorie limitation has comparable outcomes.

Regeneration of Cell:

A 2014 study on animal concentrate in Cell Stem Cell tracked down that all-encompassing fasting triggers cell recovery in mice. In stage I human preliminary, similar specialists found comparable impacts in malignant growth patients getting chemotherapy. 

Notwithstanding, the human investigation is in its beginning phases, and the article didn’t state if water was allowed. Studies are expected to control if similar impacts happen in solid people while fasting because of the snake diet.

Snake Diet Results:

Robinson proceeds to clarify that the Snake Diet doesn’t care for the famous ketogenic diet because that spotlights eating high-fat food varieties and dislikes irregular fasting, which offers a “major eating window” in which to gorge on carbs.

The Snake Diet, he says, is intended to let you “quick as far as might be feasible while as yet getting the entirety of the calories and full scale/micronutrients your body needs.” He proceeds to say that in the “most ideal situation,” you ingest the entirety of your calories for the day in 30 seconds, and afterward don’t eat again until the next day, which sounds like a truly extraordinary thought if your goal is to hurl and make yourself wiped out.

So, the results of this diet are not so good. As far as we talk about weight loss, this diet is helpful for quick weight loss. But In this diet, you are not taking enough nutrients, and calories are not enough to fulfill your needs. This can put you at risk of serious diseases because when you are not consuming enough nutrients, your body will get weaken day by day as nutrients are of two types micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients.

So, Macro-nutrients are those which require in large amounts, so the body needs these nutrients essential for proper growth and strengthening of muscles and bones. In short, this diet is too harsh and dangerous that it can cause any serious disease.

How Much Weight Can I Lose on Snake Diet?

Since the Snake Diet doesn’t renew these misfortunes with food, it brings about fast, hazardous weight reduction. On a quick, you, for the most part, shed around 2 pounds (0.9 kg) each day for the principal week, then, at that point, 0.7 pounds (0.3 kg) each day by the coming week.

Why Is It Called a Snake Diet?

The Snake Diet name, nonetheless, began as a joke. “They eat like a heap of food – multiple times their body weight – and afterward, they will not eat for quite a long time or days.” He thinks fasting resets the body and this eating routine aids the body go through additional fat put away in the body.

Rapid Weight Loss OR Danger to Health?

BreakfastGreen smoothie½ banana½ cup frozen mangoLow-fat Greek yogurt½ small avocado
Lunch2 cup veggies soup1 cup baby carrot2 tbsp. hummus           –         –
Dinner1 mid steak2 cup grilled veggies         –       –         –

Pitfalls of Snake Diet:

Robinson that calls himself a fitness coach, has no background in medicine or nutrition. His claims have no medical evidence, no scientific proof. This thing can be alarming for many of the people around us who are die-hard fans of Robinson’s trashy ideas of weight loss.

On a show, Jedidiah Ballard, An emergency medical physician, said to Robinson, “You’re well-spoken, charming, and confident. “He further said, “If I did not have a medical degree or a scientific background and 20 years of unmatchable studies, I would have believed you, but what you’re telling people is so lame and can be harmful to their lives.”

As people with a medical or scientific background and being educated are aware of this kind of lame stories, we take this kind of approach questionable. But many of the people around us who have just started their weight loss journey or are going to start it are unaware of these kinds of tricksters and artists. For them finding Robinson and his snake diet on YouTube or say on social media can be pretty dangerous; it may adversely affect their physical and mental health.


At the end of this article, let me tell you that snake diet is an unsafe diet in which you can be at risk. Just because it is effective for quick weight loss does not mean you have to follow it. In this diet, you are not taking enough nutrients, and calories are not enough to fulfill your needs.

This can put you at risk of serious diseases because when you are not consuming enough nutrients, your body will get weaken day by day as nutrients are of two types micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients. So, Macro-nutrients are those which require in large amount, so the body needs these nutrients essential for proper growth and strengthening of muscles and bones. In short, this diet is too harsh and dangerous that it can cause any serious disease.

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