Marie Antoinette Syndrome – Incredible Facts: Most Common 6 Causes and Cure

Marie Antoinette syndrome

What is Marie Antoinette syndrome?

Marie Antoinette syndrome is a situation where somebody’s hair abruptly turns white. Its identity comes from the queen of France – Marie Antoinette, whose hair immediately turned into white in 1793. Whitening of hair is pure with growing age. As you become older, the amount of melanin pigment might begin to lower.

However, Marie Antoinette syndrome isn’t an age-related situation. It is considerably much like alopecia areata, by which hair immediately begins to fall. The latest evaluation additionally acknowledged that white hair and the huge space of hair loss on the scalp are typical Marie Antoinette syndrome attributes. However, it’s also named Canities Subita.

History of Marie Antoinette syndrome

Marie Antoinette syndrome

In 1793, the final queen of France – Marie Antoinette observed her hair color change to white within the nighttime simply earlier than her departure on the scaffold. This story went viral, and for that trigger, sudden graying of hair is known as Marie Antoinette Syndrome. The first graying of beard and hair color was skilled by a thinker, and politician of the UK, Thomas More, in 1535, simply earlier than his execution.

Another such case was seen in king Henri, who additionally went by means of sudden graying of his mustache. During the 2nd world warfare, comparable circumstances have been noticed amongst these individuals who survived after intensive bombardment. Syndrome of Thomas More and sudden canities within the girls are identical to Marie Antoinette Syndrome. It is acknowledged that it would outcome from excessive emotional shock, common headache, an outburst of anger, edacity of sexual urge, annoying information, and fear.

Medical examine of Marie Antoinette case

Further analysis was performed within the twentieth century about the reason for hair whitening after the identical sort of case was acquired. A 63-year-old man, after falling from the steps, observed gradual whitening of hair in 1957. Clinicians studied his case and concluded that Marie Antoinette Syndrome isn’t due to emotional shock, common headache, an outburst of anger, edacity of sexual urge, annoying information, and fear.

The clinician reported that Marie Antoinette Syndrome may be activated by Alopecia areata. The normal symptom of alopecia areata is speedy baldness. The present idea states that the noticeable graying of hair might be set off by lack of melanin pigment in affiliation with an autoimmune dysfunction, i.e., particularly alopecia areata. But the number of circumstances supplied the data that alopecia areata isn’t the one reason behind graying of hair.

The primary symptom, i.e., graying of hair, is canities. Further genuine and non-authentic case research has been performed, and the medical workforce reported that lack of pigment might or will not be the reason for graying of hair. For that purpose, the clinician reported another potential cause for the event of Marie Antoinette syndrome.

  • Autoimmune response
  • Air inclusion within the cortex of the hair

There is not any precise trigger but reported. Therefore the additional investigation remains to be happening.

How can immune-mediated dysfunction flip hair whiten in a single day?

According to scientific analysis, graying of hair could also be the result of an autoimmune response. The unfavorable response towards pigmented hair could also be affected by an autoimmune response. Precisely, the response causes the pigmented hair to fall and solely non-pigmented hair to stay on the scalp.

Pigmentation of hair

Marie Antoinette syndrome

The color of hair comes from the melanin grains that are current within the hair cortex. Around the dermal papilla, a hair follicles bulb is situated, by which lively melanocytes are current that produce the melanin. Active melanocytes can solely produce melanin. Dormant melanocytes don’t have any position in producing melanin. The melanocytes are current with the keratinocytes, which are cells of the matrix. In mixture with the melanocyte, the keratinocytes include a considerable amount of melanin which causes the hair to develop pigmented.


Marie Antoinette syndrome

Marie Antoinette Syndrome is characterized by the abrupt, sudden, and normally everlasting graying of hair on the scalp or one other part of the physique. The syndrome doesn’t resemble the pure graying of hair that occurs as people get older. People of all ages have been reported with Marie Antoinette syndrome.

What causes marie antoinette syndrome:

Marie Antoinette syndrome

Marie Antoinette syndrome is considered the result of autoimmune dysfunction. The Autoimmune response causes the physique to assault its wholesome cells. Marie Antoinette syndrome is an acute situation by which pigmentation of ordinary hair color is misplaced. Even the newly rising hair can be in grey or white color.

Following are the opposite causes of untimely whitening of the hair;

Alopecia areata

It is a pore and skin dysfunction that causes baldness. Inflammation causes the follicle to limit hair progress. As an outcome, the already grown hair may additionally begin to fall out. The patches of baldness could make these non pigmented areas extra outstanding. If a person seeks medical remedy, new hair progress might assist cowl grey hair, however, it couldn’t cease the hair from immediately turning white.

Genetic predisposition

There is the next probability of growing Marie Antoinette Syndrome if any relations are going by means of this illness. According to the Mayo clinic’s analysis, a gene, IRF4, might play a major position in graying hair color. If the trigger whitening of hair is because of mutation of genes, it will be difficult to get again the usual hair colour.

Hormonal imbalance

It can be the reason for graying of hair color. Changes in hormonal ranges embody menopause, thyroid illness, and a lower testosterone range. If a person has a hormonal imbalance downside, to even out the steadiness, the physician can prescribe his medicines.

Naturally darker hair

Individuals having pure gentle and darkish hair are extra vulnerable to whitening. Although the hair color of the person is darkish, then any hair graying seems to be extra seen. These circumstances are irreversible however will be managed with hair dying. According to the muse of Nemours, graying of all hair takes a decade to finish.


Nutritional deficiency can be the reason for Marie Antoinette syndrome. The deficiency of vitamin B-12 performs a major position within the whitening of hair color. The graying of hair on account of missing vitamin B-12 will be reversed by taking a nutritious diet, i.e., wealthy in vitamin B-12. To affirm dietary deficiency, a blood check will be useful.


Vitiligo is an autoimmune sickness by which a person has noticeable white patches on the pores and skin on account of pores and skin pigment loss. Loss of pores and skin pigment also can lengthen to have an effect on the pigment of hair to loss. Corticosteroids, gentle remedies, and surgical procedures are the very best remedy choices. Once the depigmentation course stops, graying of hair additionally stops.


The prognosis of Marie Antoinette syndrome is especially medical. A health care provider will test an affected person and ask questions concerning the time he observed adjustments.

A health care provider will ask him about any chemical publicity, hair merchandise, shampoo, meals allergic reactions, dietary supplements, and medicines being taken. A medical skilled may also take his historical past whether or not he is going by means of any well-being situation.

A health care provider may also ask questions on his psychological well-being and whether or not he has any stress in his life. There is not any explicit examination to diagnose Marie Antoinette Syndrome; the one bodily examination will assist in diagnosing.

If the physician suspects that whitening hair is because of pores and skin allergy, the clinician will refer him to the allergist for additional testing. Other specialists, like dermatologists, may additionally be consulted to know the potential reason behind the syndrome.


Marie Antoinette syndrome

Following are the usual remedy possibility;

Distress your self

Even although it isn’t but confirmed that the syndrome is because of stress. But if the person desires to have a wholesome life and desires his hair to look lovely, he has to steadiness his stress by doing yoga, laughing remedies, or different workout routines.

Liver difficulty

If hair graying is because of a liver difficulty, then the person has to get the hair remedy first. Once the liver can be truthful, the person would quickly be capable to see the distinction.


A nutritious diet would assist the person lots to beat the signs. It is all the time beneficial to eat wholesome meals. 


Taking excellent care of hair can also be beneficial. Make a behavior of oiling three days per week. Consult a dermatologist to get your hair remedy performed. Besides, the final possibility to beat the uncomfortable feeling about graying hair is dying.


Marie Antoinette syndrome is a scenario by which the hair of the scalp immediately begins turning white. In the final inhabitants, the prevalence of Marie Antoinette Syndrome is simply between 0.2 to 0.3%. Several kinds of analysis have been performed to know the reason for the syndrome.

Research on the case of the sad French queen – Marie Antoinette supplied the data that hair graying may be on account of grief or stress. Some research reported it may be as a result of a lack of hair pigment. Recent research on totally different circumstances acknowledged that Marie Antoinette syndrome’s trigger is because of autoimmune reactions and air inclusion within the hair cortex.

Further investigation remains to be happening. The customary remedies that the marketing consultant beneficial are to take a nutritious diet, misery yourself, interact in wholesome actions, do oiling every three days, use hair merchandise that doesn’t include sulfate and paraffin.

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