How to Whiten Skin- 5 Best Home Remedies for Natural Look

How to Whiten Skin

Everyone wants to have glowing and light skin and is curious to know the secret on how to whiten skin. But because of the sun, dirt, and pollution, they get dark and hard skin which does not fully fulfill their desires. And they get complicated, even their confidence level goes down. The question that always lingers in their minds is how to whiten skin and they have not found a satisfactory answer.

Whitening the skin makes you look good and healthy. And it makes a great impression on you so that people can look at you. how to whiten skin people try many ways, some of which have succeeded in their goals but most of which have failed due to unauthorized suggestions and experiments. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to whiten skin with natural home remedies and beauty products or medicines.

Factors affecting skin whitening:

How to Whiten Skin

Before you start on “how to whiten skin”? It is important to know the root causes of deep skin.

Deep skin is mostly caused due to some factors, they are:

  • Exposure to sun
  • Exposure to dirt and pollution
  • Fewer vitamin C in the body
  • Dehydration
  • Bad diet
  • Stress
  • Bad habits
  • Quitting exercise

Because these factors affect health and due to this we face deep skin. So before we look for the “how to whiten skin” we must think about the factors that cause deep skin. Because when we control these things, we want to be very close to brightening our skin.

How To Whiten Skin Through Home Remedies Or Beauty Products:

How to Whiten Skin

In the human body, there is a pigment called melanin which provides red and pink color that is why our body looks bright and white. But due to outside factors such as sun, dirt, and pollution mixup with melanin and affects its production. Maintaining melanin levels and getting white skin is not so easy, so there are many home remedies and beauty products to maintain the level. Here we will talk about how to whiten skin through home remedies and beauty products.

5 Best Home Remedies For Skin Whitening:

Home remedies mean using your kitchen products and preparing them in such a way to cure the disease. Because natural products contain a lot of chemicals that are very helpful for the human body. There are no such side effects but too much access will harm you. Let’s talk about some useful remedies which may help us to get a proper answer of how to whiten skin.

1. Lemon+Honey+Milk:

How to Whiten Skin

Take one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of milk, and one tablespoon of lemon. After this, mix them in a small bowl. Then Apply on your face and after 30 minutes wash your face with warm water to get better results. You can use this remedy regularly as there is no such toxic element that harms your skin. The one of the most followed tricks on how to whiten skin.


Lemon has antibacterial properties that help to fade pigmentation and makes your skin white.

Lemon is the best remedy for how to whiten skin as it removes dark spots from the skin. Lemon with honey and milk will make your skin white and oily. Your skin shines like a star by using this remedy.

2. Potato Juice:

How to Whiten Skin

Take one potato and cut it into small pieces, after cutting it into pieces, take these pieces one by one and rub on your face. So the potato juice will enter your skin. Wash your face with warm water after 30 minutes for better results..


Potato contains a good amount of vitamins, potassium, and iron, and these minerals and nutritions are essential for face whitening. Potato face masks help to cure acne and dark spots on your face. As dark circles under the eye affect the face beauty but by applying potato juice you can banish these dark circles.

3. Yogurt:

How to Whiten Skin

Take one teaspoon of yogurt with a teaspoon of honey for the lightning and blooming. Mix both very well and, after mixing, apply this mask to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and after that, wash your face with cool water to get a glowing and whitening.


Yogurt helps to fight against skin infection and makes your skin shine. Yogurt face masks keep your skin moisturized and soft. As you grow, your face skin also changes its shape, and there will be lines on your face by, using yogurt you can get fine lines. Yogurt helps to remove redness that is due to sunburns.

4. Rice flour + Milk

How to Whiten Skin

Take one cup of rice and grind it until you get powder. After, getting the powder to take three teaspoons of milk and add it with powder. Mix them until you get a facemask. After this apply a facemask on your face for about an hour and after this wash your face with warm water for a better result.


Rice flour is the best remedy for whitening skin mostly, used by Asian women. It helps to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays which, cause redness on the skin. Rice flour helps to remove harmful bacteria from the skin caused by the dirt. It will also help to remove extra oil from the skin. And by doing this, you will get fresh, white, and soft skin.

5. Carrot + Avocado:

Take one carrot, boil it, and once it cools down, mix it with avocado by mashing them. Add one egg with one teaspoon of honey and mix them. After doing it, mix all these to get a face mask. Now apply this mask to your face and wash it with warm water after 10 – 15 minutes.


Avocados are very rich in vitamins that help the skin to glow. The chemical properties of these vegetables help to improve skin texture. And also remove dead cells that cause dark spots in the skin.  It is the best remedy if you are thinking about how to whiten skin.

Best Beauty Product For Skin Whitening:

There are many beauty products for how to whiten skin but the most effective is only one and here we will discuss it because it is a natural presence in our body. This product is scientifically proven and recommended as the best product for skin whitening.

Hyaluronic acid:

It is naturally produced by the human body and largely found in your skin. It helps to retain water and makes your skin tissue moist. If there is an injury in your skin it will help to heal it faster. After you get old there will be fine lines in your skin but hyaluronic help to remove these fine lines and make your skin bloom.


To get white and glow skin you must overcome the factors that cause the dark spots on your skin. Because they play an important role in damaging the skin. The home remedies we mentioned above are not clinically proven to treat skin issues but many people try these remedies and get better results. There are no such side effects of these remedies so it is better to avail their benefits. On the other hand, beauty products are clinically proven and can help you to get better results faster. but there are a lot of side effects. So home remedies are best to use on skin and will also be helpful for skin whitening.

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