Green Tea Calories- Everything You Want to Know: Top 5 Benefits

Green Tea Calories

With the soothing effects and medical properties it is famous for; green tea is one of the most well-known beverages worldwide. If you regularly consume Green tea and want to know more about its benefits and green tea calories, you are precisely at the right place.

Green tea consists of antioxidants and many compounds from the plants that are beneficial for your health. Best part? All these benefits come along with green tea calories being meager.

Not only this, along with all the benefits you may know further in this article, green tea is also famous for burning fat and, as a result, helps you in reducing weight with its proper consumption. But before moving to such details, let’s check what green tea is made of.

What is Green tea made of?

Green Tea Calories

A plant named Camellia Sinensis is used to make green tea and other various kinds of teas. It is usually prepared when you pan-fry these leaves and then leave them to dry. If you want to know more about the useful parts of green tea, they are as follows:

  • The green tea stems
  • Leaves
  • Leaf buds

Additionally, you don’t have to carry out the fermentation process to produce green tea, as only steaming the fresh leaves at a high temperature does the job. This process helps maintain the essential molecules of green tea, such as the polyphenols, which are responsible for much of the benefits that green tea offers.

The antioxidants that green tea has to offer help in protecting the blood vessels and the heart. Additionally, green tea also contains 2-4% of caffeine, which helps provide alertness and improves your thinking process.

Green Tea Calories and other Nutritional Facts:

Green Tea Calories

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has made in-depth research on the nutritional facts and green tea calories, and this is what they have come up with:

  • This famous beverage is not high in calories as one cup contains 2.45 green tea calories.
  • Each cup has 0.539 grams of protein present.
  • Each cup of green tea has 2.45 mg of Magnesium present.
  • Additionally, each cup comes with 19.6 mg of potassium.
  • Green tea has almost half the caffeine present in a coffee cup, which equals nearly 29.4 mg.

If it is explained in simpler words, the plain green tea you take is almost free of green tea calories. Other teas containing milk, syrup, or sugar are high in calories because of these added ingredients.

How to reduce Green tea Calories count?

Green Tea Calories

You are still worried about the green tea calories and want to know more about reducing the calorie count; there are more straightforward ways you can make your green tea and other teas to avoid having calories as much as you can:

Avoid adding any sugar content:

All the sugary contents that may add calories to your favorite tea must be avoided, such as adding honey, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, etc. If you can’t take green tea or any other tea without the sugary flavor, try to find a sugar-free alternative.

 Reduce the intake of bottled teas:

The ready-to-made or bottled teas tend to have more calories than you need in your favorite tea due to the high sugar content present in these teas. Make sure you reduce the intake of bottled or ready-made teas or at least find yourself the substitute of sugar-free bottled teas to fulfill your craving in urgent times.

Select some low-fat milk:

If you are having a tea that requires milk to be added at any cost, make sure you select milk that is low in fats. This is the best way to intake lower calories even when you are having milk tea.

Benefits of having Green tea:

Green Tea Calories

Since, as of now, you are already aware of the green tea calories, let’s now move to what are the benefits of having this herbal tea:

Contains fat losing Substances:

One of the significant benefits of having green tea includes it has some fat-losing substances present in it. It contains some amount of caffeine, which is relatively less than that of the coffee, but it has enough to provide a mild effect.

Caffeine is known as a famous stimulant that aids in burning fat and improving the performance of your exercises, according to various studies. Not only this, but green tea is also rich in having antioxidants, which are famous for boosting metabolism.

Helps in mobilizing fats from Fat Cells:

Your body must break down the fat into fat cells and move them into the bloodstream if you require to lose and burn fat. Green tea does the job for you as some active compounds present in the green tea aid this process significantly and boost fat-burning hormones.

The main antioxidant present in green tea is an EGCG, which inhibits an enzyme that breaks down the norepinephrine hormones. The amount of this hormone increases, which results in fat breakdown.

Increase Fat burning during exercises:

You will almost every time find green tea as an ingredient for all the fat-burning or weight loss supplements. The reason is that green tea has always been studied as a fat-burning beverage, especially during exercise.

One study proved that men who had green tea before starting their exercise burned 17% more fat than the men who didn’t take this supplement. This means that the study proved that green tea could boost the fat-burning effects of the exercises you put your complete efforts into.

Helps in Boosting the Metabolic rate:

How many of you knew that your body burns calories even when you are sitting or sleeping. This is because your cells present in the body perform millions of actions that require energy.

Many studies have proved that taking green tea or EGCG supplements helps burn more calories even when you are sitting or resting. Most of the studies show this amount to be increased to around 3-4%, and the other has shown the amounts to be increased to about 8%.

If this is to be explained in simpler words, a 3-4% increase amounts to 60-80 calories less per day for a person who takes 2000 calories per day. This equates to almost having the similar effects that you might expect from a high protein diet.

However, green tea doesn’t need to be successful in boosting the metabolism of every individual. As every person is different, the results might differ depending on the individual’s diet and fat.  

 Make you consume fewer Calories:

Now that you are not worried about the green tea calories anymore, here is a piece of better news, green tea improves your weight loss journey by making your appetite less than before. This means that you will automatically start consuming fewer calories than before without putting any effort into doing so.

Side Effects of Green tea:

Green Tea Calories

The side effects of green tea are not prominent and are relatively moderate when this beverage is taken in reasonable quantities. However, publishing from Harvard Health says that too much tea consumption may result in harming the kidneys. Additionally, too much caffeine consumption may also result in an upset stomach, increase in stomach acid, or even heart-burning; therefore, it is recommended to take green tea in moderate quantities.

Green tea Calories – Conclusion:

This article covered all the benefits you can have from having green tea consumption. One is often worried about the calories each thing they consume has, so you don’t need to worry about the green tea calories as they are very much less in quantity.

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