This is Suryashankar Dasgupta, director of Pure Health Manual. I’m a Registered Fitness Instructor. I am a huge Health enthusiast and I love to encourage my surroundings to be healthier and fitter.

I have long-term experience in many fitness areas such as Gyms, Diet advice centers, nutritional facts, several health, and pharmacy centers.

With a passion to keep everyone informed and illuminated with all the latest health and Fitness updates, Pure Health Manual takes a step forward to make this aspiration alive for a massive mainstream audience.

In today’s world, where the world closes to stop with Pandemics and other huge health & fitness issues, Pure Health Manual encourages professional and non-professional communities join the health ecosystem to redefine the future. The absolute medium to share fitness ideas and health problems within and outside the community to make yourself healthy and fit in this free world.

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                                                     Suryashankar, Founder of Pure Health Manual


Dr. Zainab Naeem, Registered Nutritionist & Dietitian

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                                           Fatima, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist
                                                                      Arwa, MBBS in Medicine



Pure Health Manual delivers a mix of the latest health and fitness information for almost every single audience ranging from health lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and many more. With a pure intention to keep our users up to date, we create and handpick stories that enable our audience to read, share, and discuss without any territorial borders. 

To make our platform more modern and efficient, we are looking for doors to various courses making it more accessible and reachable to the general audience because we want to make a difference in society.

Fostering health growth and creating fitness awareness through our engaging content, we are introducing new horizons to subscribe to our wide range of free articles and other materials to maximize your potential. The blog will be your inspiration to those who seek daily doses and chunks of happenings around you.


We endeavor to develop a value-driven digital space focused on providing and sharing information that favors the audience’s health and fitness. Making the finest content available, our aim is to eliminate the concern regarding health and Fitness at this crisis time with engaging content.